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Actor / Model

Richard Gallion

R&J Productions


Richard Gallion is a 28-year-old actor/model who grew up in a single parent household with seven siblings. Originally, from the K-Town neighborhood, which is located on the West Side of Chicago, Richard moved to the Up-Town area when he was 12. It was there where Richard excelled in basketball and football. Of the two Richard grew to love the game of basketball more, dedicating himself solely to the sport because he concluded that basketball would make him rich someday. Praying, shooting at least 500 shots a day and watching basketball film on YouTube were daily rituals that kept him on the road to success.

After graduating from Lakeview High School, Richard went on to play college basketball at the NCAA Division I ranked Chicago State University. While playing ball at Chicago State, Richard heard about a Nike commercial that needed basketball players. He jumped at the opportunity not only because it was a paying gig, but it was an opportunity to star with NBA All-Star Michael Redd. Of thousands that auditioned, Richard was chosen. The commercial exposure lead to a photo shoot for Fesup clothing, which in turn led to national exposure as Fesup’s spokesperson.

Lo and behold, Richard had stumbled upon a budding modeling career. He landed a job as a model for the Ebony Fashion Fair, the world’s largest touring fashion show, and to his delight, the exposure from modeling began to lead to opportunities for him to act in theater productions.

From his humble beginnings to stunning modeling career, Richard feels blessed: “I know that God blessed me with lots of gifts, and basketball was a tool to stay in shape and get free schooling. I know that God put me on earth to serve him as well and a part of my calling is to be a successful model and actor. I always thought it would be difficult to see my dreams come to pass, but the conclusion I came up with is difficult takes a day and impossible takes a week.”