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When Silence Screams (Snippet)

SYNOPSIS: Taking place at a foster home, it tells the story of women, men, and children who are living secret lives to mask the scars from their unthinkable pasts.  As they are forced to deal with their own inner demons, they must fight to be heard in a cold world that's full of pain.  Thus, making their cries for help a deafening silence. How much can someone's heart take before it screams out to break the silence? Sometimes you have to fight your worst days just to move forward and earn the best days of your life. 

Audience Reaction to

When Silence Screams 

Desperate 2

SYNOPSIS: Desperate 2 is the captivating sequel to Desperate which penetrates the hearts of its audience with the continued story of family loyalty, broken promises, and how the appetite for success can create the ultimate betrayal.  Desperate 2 proves even when those closest to you change for the worst, God’s love always remains the same.   

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