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Richard Gallion Entertainment would like to personally invite your senior center residents to our upcoming stage plays, "When Silence Screams" & I-Cancer-vive. For over 15 years, we have provided Broadway quality productions that have been enjoyed by people of all ages. Research has shown that the entertainment needs of the seniors people is equally important for their well-being and joyful living. We are offering group rates and priority seating to your senior residents.



To keep you and your residents safe, we have installed a top of the line air filtration system into our facility. This will help reduce airborne contaminants, pollutants and viruses. Our establishment has put in place best practices recommended by CDC to reduce the transmission of Covid-19 and other viruses.


Production Overview:

"I Cancer-vive" The story of “A mother who has always been the giver of strength to her family, but now has to fight to learn to be the recipient of love. Will her family be the catalyst to her process of physical, mental and emotional healing or will she do it alone?


When Silence Screams" Sometimes you have to fight your worst days just to move forward and earn the best days of your life. When Silence Screams, is an original stage play written, directed, and produced by Richard Gallion. Taking place at a High School, it tells the story of women, men, and children who are living secret lives to mask the scars from their unthinkable pasts. As they are forced to deal with their own inner demons, they must fight to be heard in a cold world that's full of pain. Thus, making their cries for help a deafening silence. When Silence Screams explores real life story lines that plague our communities such as: Domestic violence, lack of identity, mental illness, and so much more. Laughter, tears, and triumph will be experienced as you see the heart of each character unfold when their silence is given a voice. 

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The above pricing is for groups of 30 or more.

*Policy: No refunds. If there is an issue with your ticket please contact customer service

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