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Richard Gallion

As a writer, director, and actor, I stumbled upon these hidden talents after obtaining a basketball injury in college. Suffering a broken wrist and unable to fulfill my dream of being a professional athlete, I was chosen to travel as a runway model for Ebony and JET magazine Fashion Fair. While on tour, and during my downtime in-between shows, I developed a passion for writing. I began my acting career under the directorship of playwright John Ruffin, starring in the GMC-televised film “Love Me or Leave Me,” where I acted alongside Clifton Powell, Elise Neal, Carl Payne, Terri J. Vaughn and the legendary Shirley Murdock. As one who understands discipline and consistency, I was fortunate to garner roles in FOX’S newest show APB, Transformers 4, USA’s Sirens, and FOX’s Empire directed by Lee Daniels, featuring Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard has opened up massive doors for me. I have also starred in Black Coffee, which was recently in the AMC Theaters, Chicago PD, which airs on NBC 5, and the new movie Halfway featuring Quinton Aaron. Most recently, I was a principal actor in the movies Soul Sessions by Vincent Gaftney, and Nothing Like Thanksgiving, directed by Mark Harris. Some of the other projects I have been a part of have been Black Butterfly, available at Walmart, Redbox, and Netflix; as well as The Good Life have also been a blessing to me.

While my acting career continued to soar, my development as a writer came into full fruition, as I made my co-writing debut in the “Hard Knock Life”. Soon after I followed up with the stage play “Living Without Love, loosely documenting dark moments in my father’s drug infested past. Having the confidence of writing under my belt, my second stage play, Voice of a Child, was my true to life story of the reconciliation between my wife and I. In Desperate 1 &2, I was challenged to write about the many issues of family betrayal, life after incarceration, the misdiagnosis of prescription drugs in children, and much more. My transparency allows my audiences to connect to real life stories and characters, and showed that there is hope after failure. Honorably Diss-Charged is my show that honors Veterans for all of their sacrifice in a world that doesn’t acknowledge it. And my new show, I CANCERvive, was birthed out of my desire to bring awareness to so many women that are battling breast cancer, and the grief they and their families suffer as they look for hope when none is offered.

To date I have written/directed and produced five highly acclaimed stage productions, and ghost written/directed for numerous others stage plays, television series, and films. Although my national acclaim has resulted in a high demand for my scripts and acting, I am determined to invest in the blossoming theater scene in Chicago. As a child that grew up very poor on the Westside of Chicago, I have been announced dead twice, and mostly recently almost lost my life again in 2014. Through this adversity, I know that God has a great call on my life to reach out and help as many as possible. I enjoy providing a platform for others in Chicago who endeavors to someday experience the joys of writing, directing, and acting that I have. My mission is to provide Broadway quality scripts that will not only entertain the whole family, but endeavor to change the lives of others by showing that there can be hope after a traumatic experience. My scripts have created many opportunities in the Chicagoland area by giving free writing and acting workshops, mentoring programs, and offering work opportunities to youth and adults alike. My ultimate goal is to create scripts that will uplift, and help restore confidence in the Arts as a way to combat the violence that has hurt so many around the world. It gets to a point—especially here in Chicago—that violence, misfortune and injustice are accepted as a way of life. I am compelled to write because my work changes lives. I am currently turning all of my productions into sitcoms and screenplays to reach even larger audiences. I look forward to continuing a legacy of screenwriting in the Arts! The first of these great ventures is Desperate the TV Series coming to a network soon!

Richard Gallion - Writer/Director/Actor
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